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Sales Quotations made easy

A perfect solution for your direct sales force & resellers

Business Proposals from anywhere

The Internet is everywhere, right? If you have an internet connection you can make and send a proposal using your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer

Works on PC, Mac and tablets

Best features that makes this app smart

Make proposals in minutes

Simply choose a proposal template, add your products & services in the pricing section, add any additional text, videos or images you want.

Click 'Send', type the email message to send with your proposal and you are done.

It's that quick and easy!

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Easy Sales Forecasting

Now your proposals are all in one place, QuoteCloud makes it super easy to prepare a truely accurate sales forecast.

QuoteCloud comes with a sales forecast tool that simply could not be easier to use. Simply allocate each proposal the month you think the sale will close, and use a slide bar to set how confident you are, and job done.

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QuoteCloud notifies you when your customer views your proposal so you can follow up right away.

Knowing exactly when your customer reads your proposal gives you the edge to act when they are engaged with your proposition.

QuoteCloud can also alert you when a customer opens an expired proposal, giving you a second shot at closing the sale.

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Easy to add images & videos

Use the built-in QuoteCloud Content Library for drag-and-drop insertion of text, images and videos.

As the content library administrator, you can insert professional text, image, and video to your Content Library. This provides a repository of professional, high quality resources for sales people to use in their proposals... all vetted and approved by you!

You can even lock content into a template, ensuring that critical information, such as legal terms and conditions, cannot be altered and is sent with every proposal

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Legal Compliance

Make sure customer is always presented with the correct legal information, such as terms & conditions, product disclosure statements and safety documentation, keeping your company safe from legal issues in the future.

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Product Representation

Guarantee that the products and services your company provides are represented correctly to your customers.

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Receive a sample proposal from QuoteCloud


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A QuoteCloud team member will create a sample proposal which will be e-mailed to you. Please note: Our offices are open Monday-Friday (Business Hours: 8:30AM - 5:30PM) in London and Sydney.

QuoteCloud is designed by sales people for sales people, it makes sense.

To make sure our software is focused on the sales person and their customers, we work with professional sellers in many industries to scope and build the most optimal software functionality.

Proposals made easy

It's all about you and your customers.

Designed by sales people for sales people.

Business Workflow

Improve business communication and workflow


Through a content library in QuoteCloud your Marketing team will be in control of the images, video and prepared text to be used in proposals.

Professional proposal templates with preloaded content can be created for your sales people to use. Saving valuable selling time.

Branding and styling will be controlled.


Your Legal team can control the important technical legal detail, such as terms and conditions sent with a sales quotation.

Important legal components can be locked so that it cannot be changed by a sales person or reseller.


Your product managers can prepare professional product information that can be inserted from the QuoteCloud content library or preloaded as part of a proposal template.

Product information can be text, images, or explainer videos

Having prepared content to explain the best selling points of your products and services makes it much easier for your sales team or resellers to do their job.

A sales person that has all the information they need straight away, means they can focus their time on selling instead of writing or trying to find information to put in their sales proposals.


Your sales staff and/or resellers will quickly create sales proposals, not having to worry about the layout and presentation (because it's done for them).

QuoteCloud has built in version control that makes it easy to revise and resend a sales proposal when a customer requires changes.

If a new sales proposal is similar to one created for another customer, you can simply copy to create a new one.


Customers will receive a truely impressive proposal every time.

Sales proposal are automatically available in PDF format for printing by customers

If a customer wants to proceed with ordering, they can simply click an "Order Now" button that notfies your sales team they are happy to proceed.

Customers can use a convenient "discussion" feature, that allows them to ask questions while reading a proposal.

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