Assigning Proposal Cover Pages & Templates to a Sales Team

Larger organisations may have teams of sales staff working in different countries or industry verticals. If your organisation splits the proposal/quoting activities into specifc sales teams then appropriate sales quote templates and cover pages can be allocated to each team. This ensures they access relevant content when creating sales quotes.

Let's have a look at how QuoteCloud allows you to set this up.

From the Dashboard, click the Configuration main menu option and select Manage Users & Roles.

Next press the Edit button alongside the team you want to update:

Clcik on the "Cover Pages" tab to specify exactly what the "My Sales Team" will see. If the "Restrictions Active" slider is not green, click it to change state. Now you will see two columns, visible cover pages in the left and Hidden cover pages on the right. Using the + or - icon you can move cover pages between the columns until you have exactly those required visible for this team.

Similarly, from the Templates tab you can manage which templates the sales team will see. If easier you can click the "Add all" and then individually remove items you don't want them to see. A search box is also present above the Hidden column allowing you search quickly through any long lists.

Once the appropriate content has been set in the visible column and you have clicked "Save", this team will only be able to see the sub-set of content.

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