Fonts & Colour Schemes

QuoteCloud is designed to automate as much layout & presentation of sales quotes as possible. When you first start with QuoteCloud your default setup may need some slight adjustment for it to perfectly fit your organisation style. The main controls for look & feel of sales quotes are in the Edit Styles contoller.

To access the Edit Styles feature, go to the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration menu button and select Edit Styles.

You will see a popup window (as shown below).

Here you can set all the font face, size and colors used in sales quotes for each type of text element, ie body text, headings, section titles etc.


You can also set your corporate color palette.  Click on the Colours tab, you may have up to 4 corporate colour options, and also set the page background colour.

If you want to change a colour simply click on the coloured circle and a handy colour picker will pop-up.  Search for specific colors, or you can also enter a "Hex" code for a specific colour you want, these all start with # and are 7 characters in total.

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