Inserting Data Items Into Text Blocks

Terms which are repeated throughout your proposal, such as your company name, the customers name, the project name, etc. need not be manually typed throughout your proposal. Instead you can use a DataItem and QuoteCloud will replace the associated information when the proposal is generated, this mechanism is also sometimes known as a macro.

QuoteCloud has a set of system DataItems as follows:

  • ${consultantEmail}
  • ${consultantPhone}
  • ${consultantName}
  • ${consultantSurname}
  • ${consultantFullname}
  • ${contactName}
  • ${contactEmail}
  • ${proposalExtra}
  • ${proposalTitle}

You also have access to custom DataItems as follows, these can be defined to contain any data you require,

  • ${attr_customfield1!}
  • ${attr_customfield2!}
  • ${attr_customfield3!}
  • ${attr_customfield4!}
  • ${attr_customfield5!}

If you come across any text which starts with a $ and surrounded by curly brace - for example $ {companyName} - you now know you are dealing with a DataItem, in this instance referring to the Company Name. When the proposal is generated all DataItems are replaced with their respective text. This is particularly handy when it comes to updating your proposal as you only need to make a change in one place, it also means templates can be dynamic and adjust to the specific proposal text.

You can manually type in the DataItem name but this is a little tricky, alternatively to ensure accuracy, you can use the drop-down list called "Data Items" which you will see in the menu of any free text block:

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