Previewing & Sending Sales Quotes

Once a Sales Consultant has finished creating/editing their Sales Quote, they have the option to Save & Preview their quote.

To do this, click on the green Save & Preview button in the top right corner of the Sales Quote Editor.

The Sales Quote Consultant will be redirected to the Preview window in the Sales Quote Editor as shown in the image below.

The Preview window is a good place to scroll through the sales quote content and check that everything is correct and is designed in the exact way that is intended to be viewed by the customer.

The Preview window allows the Sales Quote Consultant to send a sales quote. To do this simply click on the Send button located on the right hand tool bar.
The Preview window also allows the sales quote to be opened and previewed as a PDF. To do this simply click on the View as PDF button.

A popup window titled Send Proposal will appear as shown in the image below.

Simply ensure that the Sales Quote is being sent to the correct recipient and type your email message.

Once completed, click on the Send button in the bottom right hand corner of popup window and the sales quote will be to sent to the recipient. 

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