What are Profit Margins and Discounts Used For?

The margin is the profit (or markup) that a company earns from a sale. A discount is an acceptable amount which can be deducted from a product price.

Markups and discounts can be configured by navigating to 'Pricing Discount and Thresholds' in the Configuration menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard.

Discounts can be applied manually to a proposal in an ad-hoc manner or they can be setup to automatically apply when a particular threshold is met.

For example, you may want to provide a special discount for your customers or promote sales volumes with threshold discounts configured by value or volume respectively. Let's take the below example "5% discount on value over $1000",  when the proposal value reaches the $1000 threshold, a 5% discount will be automatically applied. This can be overridden still inside the quote, if you require.

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