What is a Sales Team for?

The "sales team" concept in QuoteCloud allows you to group individuals into logcial teams. This can mimic your corporate structures, including management hierarchies etc. or could simply allow you to split the sales department into logical groups who sell particular products/services or work in particualr verticals.

Creating sales teams gives you many advantages. It allows you to control who sees each others proposals, it allows you to control Content Libraries ensuring salespeople only have access to the products and content they should be selling.

The concept is very flexible and you can structure it as you wish, mirroring the management levels and teams within the organisation or choosing some other way to logically set teams. Of course you don't need to worry about this at all if you won't want to - just have one big team with everyone in it ! There are several advantages though to creating teams even if you think you don't want/need them. For example limiting what some team members can see and do in terms of content and proposals is only possible if you have a team structure, if everyone is in one bucket them any visibility limits set will affect everyone which might not be very useful !

If you have a large content library or product set then create sub-sets and allocating only these to particular teams will make their lifes more manageable as they won't be searching through lots of content which is not applicable to their role.

QuoteCloud helps you boost the productivity of your sales team by creating professional sales proposals quickly while focusing their time on selling instead of writing or trying to find information to put in their sales proposals.

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