Adding Notes (Additional Formatted Content) to a Price Line Item

Sometimes it is important to add extra information to a price line item; this may be simple notes about a sales consultant's conversation with a customer or more complex technical specification data about the product being sold.

This user guide topic explains how to add additional notes to a price line displayed underneath the description.


Create a new sales quote, and ensure you have the pricing section open (the default section when opening a sales quote or creating a new one).

Click on the Insert... button, and select the option Add Pricing Table.

You have created a Pricing Table in your sales quote, add a price line item, click on the + Add Price Row button, click on the Products icon (top of the right vertical navigation bar), and add a product.

Now you have a price line in your price table, you will notice a green Add Notes icon on the right of the price line item description, as shown below.

You will now see the notes area appear below the price line item, as shown below.

Add text and use the formatting tools to style the information normally available for a text block.

Click SAVE & PREVIEW to view the price table with added notes.

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