August 3, 2017 - Minor Software Updates


Dashboard - added new indicator to show when you web-browser session will expire and you will be logged out of QuoteCloud.  This indicator sits just above the top left side of the proposals table in your dashboard.

Proposal Editor - there is a new option to set the alignment of a table added to a text block, to use this feature, right click on your table and select "Table Properties" then select an option in the "Alignment" option in the popup window

Proposal Status - We have added the ability to create your own "Reasons Lost" when marking a proposal as lost/closed.  You cannot remove the values provided by QuoteCloud as default, but you can add your own to extend the list.  To add your own values, goto "settings" in the "Configuration Menu", then click on the "Propsal Status" tab.  You will see an "add" button, click this to add a new value to the list.

Send Proposal - It is now possible to change the default email subject that is created when you send a proposal.  To change from the QuoteCloud default, goto "Settings" in the "Configuration Menu", then click on the "Email" tab. You will see a new section called "Email Subject Line"

Proposal Status - We have removed the option "closed" from the proposal status settings; as feedback we have received is that users are confussed because "lost" and "closed" mean the same thing in QuoteCloud.  Also the term "closed" in the world of sales people actually means "you won the sale, not lost it!"