July 27, 2017 - Minor Software Update


- Dashboard - Notes/History timeline interface has been enhanced to use the new side draw feature to allow more visual space for the display of a proposals timeline

- Dashboard - the "Manage" option that you see in the action menu drop down (right side of the screen), has been split into two new options "Update Status" and "Versions".  These features now appear in a side-draw (animated from the right).  This change has been made to help new users easily understand how to change the status of a proposal or view previous versions.

- Proposal Handover - (Bug fix) the system was changing the status of a sent/read proposal back to "Needs Action" status when handing over from one sales person to another.  This now keeps the status as sent or read when using the Handover feature.

- Proposal Edtior - (Bug fix) Date and time in custom fields were not reflecting the right timezones, if you have used custom fields when creating proposals, dates will now respect the time zone setting of your QuoteCloud account (to adjust your timezone) go to "settings" in the configuration menu.

- Proposal Editor - New switch is now avialable to show or hide section titles in a proposal, you can also switch off all section titles using a switch in the "Proposal Summary" section.

- Disk Usage - We have improved the Disk Usage feature that allows you to keep an eye on your disk usage versus your subscription plan.

- Proposal Editor - (Bug fix) fixed issue using templates with deleted products.

- Dashboard - How you set up your dashboard, (e.g. how you sort the data columns displays, what columns are visible, how you last filtered data) will now save to your QuoteCloud user account, previously QuoteCloud saved a cookie to your browser to remember your last dashboard settings, this meant if you swapped to another computer your settings would not be remembered.  Now QuoteCloud will remember your preferences where ever you go :)