February 11, 2017 - Software Updates


- Price Section Layout Controller - This new version of QuoteCloud has a a hidden secret!  Our implementation team can actually now change the way the pricing section is presented on a customer-by-customer basis.  If you are interested in varying the look, layout of your pricing section or use the product custom fields as part of your pricing section, contact support (in the Account Settings menu) and ask them for pricing.

- Proposal Dashboard Data Filter - There is a new button (left of the labels row) in the Proposal Dashboard page.  This is a new column filter feature that (for those of you lucky enough to have a large number of sales proposals out there) allows you to filter the number of proposals in view.  You can also filter more than one column at a time!  This feature is also "sticky" in that QuoteCloud will remember the filter you set even if you log out/close your browser.

- Sales Forecast Dashboard Data Filter - as above

- Create a Proposal on behalf of another sales consultant - when you are helping other team mates out.  You can now create a new proposal for someone else in your team (if your User Role allows you access to this feature).   You will see a new drop down on the first stage of the Create Proposal wizard (make sure you allocate this feature in your user profile settings first).

- Custom Fields for a proposal - A fantastic new function that everyone will love.  You can now create your own user-definable data fields to use when creating a proposal. If there has been that extra bit of info that you wanted in your proposal summary - you can now do it.  These new data items appear in the proposal dashboard, as well as being available to embed in your proposal content using the editor "Data Items" drop down feature.

- New Content Library Management System - we have removed the separate Admin Console and merged the functionality of the software right into the QuoteCloud proposal editor User Interface and "Configuration Settings" menu.  No need to login into a separate admin system any more!

- Custom Product Data Fields - as mentioned earlier in the Price Section Layout Controller, it is possible to create up to 5 user-defined data items that can be seen when adding /editing products in your product catalogue.  They can be inserted into your proposal pricing section by our technicians.  Contact support for pricing if you want to vary the layout of your pricing section.

- Tax Calculator - For those of you that need to display the tax charged on top of your pricing - such as GST or VAT - this is now a standard feature where QuoteCloud can calculate and add on the Tax to be shown as a separate line item in the totals section of the proposal pricing.  This feature can be set-up in the "Configuration Settings" Menu (choose the option "settings" and scroll down the modal until you see the item "Tax Label").

- Estimated Project Value Discount trigger - When you are using the threshold discount feature (i.e. the discount is triggered when the total value of the sales quote is over the threshold amount) you can use the Estimated Project Value feature to tell QuoteCloud you want to trigger a threshold discount.  This is useful if you are working on a very large project and creating a lot of small value sales quotes.  By telling QuoteCloud that this sales quote is part of a larger project the threshold discount can be triggered.

- Rounding Controller - for those of you that do not want to show cents (or pence), you can now round to the nearest dollar or pound, etc.

- "Order Now" Label Controller - if you were not happy with the "Order Now" button that customers see when viewing a sales proposal in QuoteCloud.  You can change the text to what you would prefer now.  This is in the "Settings" menu under "Configuration Settings" option.

- Email Template Controller - We have made it easier for you to set up your default email content when sending proposals, and revisions.  You will find this in the "Settings" menu under "Configuration Settings".