Email Marketing - Text File (CSV) Import Contacts into an Audience

If you want to import a large amount of contacts from another source, for example a CRM, Spreadsheet, or accounting package, using a text (CSV) import file is an easy method to complete this task.

The following tutorial descibes the process to complete an import of contacts into an audience.


Click on the Campaigns option in the left tool bar, and select the Audience option in the top menu.

Click on the action drop down menu for the Audience you would like to import contacts. Then click on the Import option. (as shown in the example below)

Click on the Choose a CSV File button to upload your CSV import file.

The correct format for an import file is as follows

Email Address,First Name,Last Name,Tags,Email Marketing,Contact,Rating,Date Added,Tag Name,Subscribed,1,2020-07-22

The first row must be exact as above, as the software uses the column titles to identify the columns to be imported.

The data columns are as follows:

Email Address: the email address of the contact
First Name: First name of the contact to be imported
Last Name: Surname of the contact to be imported
Tags: if the contact is to be allocated tag list them in the column, as tag is used to segment contacts in an audience e.g. gender, age group, location, etc
Subscribed: the value must be "Subscribed" if you would like the contact to be in the correct status to receive emails in a campaign.
Rating: enter value 1 to 5 to rate the importance of this contact in your campaign
Date Added: enter a date in the following format yyyy-mm-dd

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