Changing a Sales Consultants Email Address


The email address used by a Sales Consultant is a very important part of QuoteCloud, it is used in the following main components of QuoteCloud:

  1. The user identification to login to a QuoteCloud account
  2. When sending sales quotes to a customer, the Sales Consultants email address is used as the "reply to" email address if a customer replies to the emailed sales quote from QuoteCloud
  3. The Sales Consultants email address can be embedded into a sales quote as a data item so it is automatically populated.

Inevitably people will leave your organisation, or their maybe other reasons an email address can change.  This topic covers how a Sales Consultants email address can be changed.


Changing an Email Address

Login to the QuoteCloud account that requires the email address change.

Click on the Account menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard, then select the menu option Edit Profile, as shown below.

Click on the Change button on the right of the Email data item, as can be seen below.

Type your QuoteCloud password and then enter your new email address.

Click on the Save button to complete the email address change.

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