Configuring a Form to allow Multiple Rows 

There are two main types of form submissions, these are Single submission, where the sales quote recipient can only fill in the form once; and multiple submissions, where the sales quote recipient can fill in a form and submit multiple times, each submission is inserted into the approved sales quote.

By default a new form that is inserted into a sales quote by the sales consultant will be configured as a single suibmission form, this user guide explains how to change this to allow a sales quote recipient to make multiple submissions.


First create or edit a sales quote. 

Click on the  + Insert button and then select the option Add Form.

Click on the cogs icon on the green Form tab bar, as show below.

Click on drop down Form Submission Settings and choose either:

a) Single Form per Recipient, or
b) Multiple Forms, i.e. each sales quote recipient can submit many form submissions.

No visible changes will be made to the form on the Sales Quote Editor. However when the sales quote recipient completes a form, there will notice a Submit button, saving the completed form data and allowing them to create another form submission.

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