Design Your Own Cover Page Content Layout

Your sales quotes can optionally have a cover page as the first page, if done well this cover page creates a great introduciton to your company brand and professionalism.  QuoteCloud has a default layout for cover page content blocks, these look like the example shown below.  However, you may want to deviate from the standard format of cover page content for some or all of your sales quotes, this user guide topic covers how this can be done.

You can change the cover page design by modifying or creating a Sales Quote Template.  See the user guide topic Creating Sales Quote Templates or Editing a Sales Quote Template to learn more.

PLEASE NOTE: changing a Sales Quote Template does not retrospectively update any existing sales quotes that you created using an existing Sales Quote Template, your changes will only appear in new sales quotes.

When creating or editing a sales quote template, in order to change the cover page content you need to navigate to the sales quote cover page. To view your sales quote cover page as shown below, click on the top tab in the left hand Section navigation bar.

Now click on the Cover icon in the right-hand tool bar.  This will display the options for the sales quote cover page setup.

Now you need to instruct QuoteCloud that you wish to change the sales quote cover page for this template to your own design.  To do this click on the Design My Own Layout switch.

You can now make your own cover page content for this sales quote template, the editing tools are the same as you are used to using in the Sales Quote Editor, whereby there are rows and columns of content, and you can insert text and images into those rows and columns. 

A slight difference to using this cover page design tool, is that you must set (or remove) the background colour behind the content blocks (as shown above the default is a purple colour).  This may not suite your company branding, to modify this background colour follow these instructions:

We will use the top content block as an example of modifying the background colour in a Row or Column.  Hover on the top content row as show below.

Now click on the arrow on the right of the Column tab.  The tab will change to show the tools for the Column settings, as shown below.

Click on the Cogs icon to show the popup window for Column Settings, as shown below.

Click on the Background tab, and you will see that Background Style, is set to  "Single Colour", and that there is a Background Colour selector below.  To remove the colour altogether, simple click on the Background Style drop down and select the option "Defaults".  To change the current colour of the background, click on the Select Colour button (as shown below).

You can type (or copy and paste) the Hex colour reference (e.g. #FFFFFF for white) or use the colour selector panel to manually select a colour.  After making your selection, click on the CHOOSE button.

Now click Save to commit your change.

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