Hiding Columns in a Sales Quote Price Table

Sometimes you might want to hide certain columns in a price table, so that your customer cannot see the information when they view your sales quote.

Let's start by adding a price table to a sales quote.

When you create a sales quote and open it in the editor you will be taken initially to the pricing section. 

To add a new price table click on the + Insert button, then select the option Add Price Table

For the purposes of this user guide topic, let's add a custom line item it is worth noting that the "hide column" feature works for items added from your product catalogue as well.

To add a price line item, click on the + Add Price Row button, this will add an empty price line item to the sales quote price table.

There are range of columns that can be hidden from your customers view.  To see the possible options, click on the Settings button in the price table tool bar, as shown below.

To hide a column simply click on the toggle switch on the left of the column title you wish to hide, as shown below.  When a column is set to hidden the button will be red with the word "Hide" displayed.

When a column is set to be hidden from view in your sales quote, you will see in highlighted by diagonal grey lines, as shown below for the Quantity column.

In the example above, we chose to hide the Quantity column.

After followng the instructions above using the Quantity column as an example column to hide, now click the Save & Preview button to view your sales quote with the Quantity column hidden, as shown below.

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