Making Price Lines Optional in a Sales Quote

Sometimes it may be useful to let a customer decide between different products or price options.  This can be acheived by grouping price lines and setting them as options, where a customer can choose from when they view and approve your sales quote. Follow the steps below to learn how to configure price lines as optional in a price table.


Create or edit a sales quote, navigate to the Pricing tab, and insert a price table. (as shown below)


Now add some price lines (either from the product catalogue or adhoc line items using the Add Price Row button), in our example we have simply created three empty price lines, using the Add Price Row button, as shown below.

Now we need to group these price lines, this can be acheived by adding a sub-heading.  Click on the first price line row and the click on the Add-Sub-heading button. A sub-heading will be added above the price lines.

Hover on the sub-heading row in the price table, and you will see a green tab appear on the left of the sub-heading row, as shown below.

Click on the green tab, and a settings window will appear, as shown below.

To make the price lines optional you need to click on the toggle switch Price Rows are Optional, as shown below.

The next step is to decide if you would like to allow your customer to select multiple price lines or only one price line within this group of price options.  Click on the toggle switch to your preferred setting, in our example below we have selected Multiple Choice i.e. letting the customer choose more than one price line item in this price group.

Click on the Save button.

You will now see a check box (if you have chosen multiple-choice) or a radio button (if you have chosen single choice).  In our example below you can see our multiple choice price options.  By default these options remain unselected (not ticked).

The final step is to decide if you want to have none, one, some, or all of your price options selected (for multiple-choice price line options, or a default selected price option for single choice price options)

Simply tick the price option(s) you want selected when your customer first reads your sales quote, in our example below we have simply selected the first option.

Now Save and Preview your sales quote to view the resulting price table options.

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