There are two types of custom fields that can be created, theses are:

Proposal Custom Fields - used by the Create Proposal Wizard as extra information that is prompted in the forth step of the wizard.  These proposal cusom fields are also available for editing in the proposal summary section while in the Proposal Editor.  The Proposal Custom Fields are also available in the text block editor to insert in text contet as embeded data items.
Product Custom Fields - can be created for the Product Catalogue, these Product Custome Fields appear when adding or editing products in the product catalogue.  These data items can also be set-up to appear in your price tables in sales proposals.  However, the QuoteCloud support team will need configure your QuoteCloud account to add these Product Custom Fields  to price tables for you.  To add new Product Custom Fields to your price table please use the Email Support option in the User Dashboard to contact us.

Proposal Custom Fields

When you create a new proposal, QuoteCloud will ask you for important information in order to create the proposal, such who the sales proposal is for, their address, what template to use etc.  It is common for QuoterCloud users to want extra information prompted that is specific to how their business uses of QuoteCloud, som examples are: customer phone number, special reference ids, or analysis data like what indusrt uoy customer operates, or the type of quote.

If there are additional fields you would like to record when creating new proposals you can create these in Custom Fields setup page.

Click on the Configuration menu while on the User Dashboard, then select the Custom Fields option in the drop-down menu.

In the example below, two custom fields have been created, one to record the Department the proposal is being sent to and one to select the Industry in which a customer operates.  There are five types of Custom Field i.e. Text, Dropdown, Integer, Currency and Date. 


Once the custom fields are created, they will be prompted when creating your next proposal.


Product Custom Fields

You can set-up Product Custom Fields in the same way as Proposal Custom fields, you simply need to click on the Products tab to access this set of fields..

For example, (as shown in the below image) we may want to show the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) next to each product listed in the pricing table, we may also want to list the Brand of that product which can be selected from the drop down.

Note: remember if you need to use Product Custom Fields in your proposal price tables you will need to contact our QuoteCloud Support Team