On the User Dashboard click on the Configuration menu, on the drop-down menu that appears click on the option Pricing Discounts & Thresholds. 

You will see the pricing and discounts controller window appear (as shown below).

This controller will allow you to set system-wide discounts and if needed the thresholds that will trigger discounts for your proposals.

Click on the Add button to create a new discount rule.

Type a meaningfull discount name in the Label field, this will appear in the Proposal Editor for Sales Consulants that are allowed to us discounts.

Type the percentage discount eg 10 will be 10% discount.  You will see a drop-down option next to the percentage value, this can be used to toggle between a discount or adding a profit margin. 

If you would like your discount or margin rule to apply only if the value of a proposal is above a certain value, then type this value in the Threshold field. For example, if you want a 10% discount to apply if the value of the sales proposal is above $10,000, the type 10,000 in the threshold field.

You can add multiple discount categories if required by clicking on the Add button again 

press Save button save to commit your changes.

Note: you discount rules will not apply to existing proposal, unless a Sales Consultant edits or revises their proposal.