If you're not already in the edit proposal screen, simply click on "Edit" button from the dashboard.

Let's browse through the proposal editor, the below diagram is annotated with green markers showing the key areas:

  • Sections – the left hand column allows you manage your proposal sections, you can drag and drop them for re-ordering, delete them if necessary and add new sections.
  • Menu – the top menu bar allows you to save your proposal, preview your interactive proposal and close the proposal returning to the dashboard.
  • Product library - The right hand column contains your company products and services. Using drag and drop you can add these to your proposal body very quickly
  • Pricing section line items –  Let's see an example of pricing section, a standard item in all proposals. As products are dragged into the pricing table the totals are automatically calculated, if appropriate tax will be added and any discounts and markup dynamically applied.
  • Once added you can make manual adjustments as needed to any product, switching it from a one-off price to a contract price for example or re-ordering the line items.

Sub-Headings and Custom Pricing

To split the pricing table up into logical groups use the "Add Sub-heading" button at the top of the screen. Here you will also see a "Add Custom Price" button which allows you to add details of custom products or services which don't live in your product library.

There are many advanced features in the above pricing table, such as:

  • Custom pricing columns
  • Tax
  • Contract and one-off pricing
  • Discounting
  • Line item descriptions and re-ordering

These are covered in detail within the "Advanced features" proposal which is also on your QuoteCloud desktop.

Text Blocks

Adding and editing these text blocks is simple too. Just click on the “Insert" dropdown located between every content block. Then on the pop-up menu select “Add Freetext"​.

A new content block will be added and you will see a formatting menu appear above the text area that you can use for all your layout needs. You can add as many text areas to this section as you would like, also images and files can be inserted in a similar manner through the above drop-down menu located between every content block.

You can delete content by clicking the "x" in the top right corner of any content block. Next to the "x" you will see up/down arrows which can be used to push content blocks up/down the page. 

Content Library

In addition to creating your own content, as mentioned in the above section, you can also use content from your Content Library.

Rather than searching for that diagram or snippet of text you know you used in a proposal months ago, QuoteCloud allows you to manage a library of text, images and videos that everyone can use.

The right hand column of the screen contains the content library and is split into three sections for Text, Images and Videos.

To help you find library content easily, inside each of these three areas the content is organised into a series of folders. You can expand any folder and drag that content directly into your proposal body, this works in an identical manner for Text, Images and Videos.

Next we need to preview and send the proposal. You do this by clicking the "Save & Preview" button in the top right. Click here to learn more.