QuoteCloud allows you to create individual sales teams, each with their own set of content. This can be useful when you want to isolate content/products between teams. For example you may have a team who exclusively work within a particular vertical/market and only wish them to see the content services associated with that sector. In addition you may have external partner resellers or channel distribtors who you want to see a set of products at particular price points and only linked content such as product text and images. You can also have some shared content and some exclusive, allocating products and content to teams is very flexible to match your needs. 

Let's have a look at how QuoteCloud allows you to set up teams with their content.

From the Dashboard click on the Configuration main menu and select "Manage Users & Roles". Here you will find a list of all your sales teams:

Clcik the "Edit" button next to the sales team you want to to adjust and you will see a tabbed view of all the content libraries. Each tab can be individually configured for that team. First click the "Restrictions Active" slider to turn on cusomtised content libraries. Underneath you will now see a column of "Visible" content (folders or items) on the left and on the right a column of "HIdden" folders or items. User the + and - icons to move the content between the two columns. You can also search for specific content or use the Add/Remove all links. 

Once happy with the content selected for that team click Save. Repeat this for any other tabs where you want to constrain what content the team has visibility of.