12 Simple Steps - QuoteCloud and Salesforce 

Below is an example of how to get Salesforce to sync contacts over to QuoteCloud.

Once your contacts exist in QuoteCloud you can then use them in the quote / proposal wizard for even more accurate, efficient and effective quotation / proposal creation.

Step 1

Login to your Zapier account and click the big orange button at the top "MAKE A ZAP!"

Step 2

Select the trigger application where the data is going to come from for this ZAP. In this case we're going to use Salesforce as the example platform we're getting data from - or to put it more accurately - a trigger is firing from.


Step 3

Next we select the type of trigger we want to fire. Here you can see several options but we're going to use the "New Contact" trigger because we want to sync contacts across to QuoteCloud when they are created in Salesforce.


Step 4

Now we need to connect to the source system, Salesforce. If you don't have an account already connected click the "Connect an Account" button and follow the on screen wizard entering your credentials (username, password, API ID, API Key etc. depending on the platform). 

If you have a connected account already it will be listed as in the screen shot on the left and you simply need to select it.


Step 5

Next we must test the system to ensure all the previous details to connect accounts and access data have been entered correctly. When you're ready hit the Fethc & Continue button and fun begins...

Step 6

Now we actually test the trigger. This retrieves data from the source system like a pilot would perform a pre-flight check. It physically access the source system (Salesforce) and retrieves a data object, in this case a Contact. This ensures you do have access to the platform and you can successfully retrieve this type of data.

A green bar telling you it was successful will pop up after the above test has run.


Step 7

Now we move onto the destination platform which in our case is QuoteCloud. Select QuoteCloud from the list of available apps. If you don't see it, you may have missed our special invitation to access it, click here to ensure you can access it.

Step 8

We now need to choose the type of action we want to perform when the source (Salesforce) platform trigger fires. In this case when a new contact is created in Salesforce, the trigger executes sending it's data over to our destination platform (QuoteCloud) and we want the "Create New Contact" action to execute. 

Step 9

As we did above we need to connect to the platform with an existing account, or choose an already connected account. Connecting is simple for QuoteCloud, you just need an existing users email address and the API Id and API Key which can be found in the Configuration -> Settings -> Security menu:


Step 10

Now we perform the mapping of source platform (Salesforce) fields, into destination paltform (QuoteCloud) fields. Clicking the menu in the top right corner of each destination field displays a drop-down of available source fields, choose the appropriate field and then you have a mapping source -> destination.

Some fields are required and some optional, ensure you map at least all the required ones.

You can manuall add text into each mapping box too if you require. This could help you add a fixed extension of "(SF)" for all your Salesforce contacts for example, so you would know where they were sourced from.

Step 11

Next we see a summary of the data sourced from Salesforce in the original trigger configurations (Steps 1-6) and what fields that data will be mapped to in QuoteCloud. Click continue to grab that data from Salesforce, map it to QuoteCloud and insert it into our Contacts table for use across your whole team when they create Proposals and Quotes.

Step 12

If you get the big green bar of joy then you know you've been successful ! Data has been grabbed, mapped to the QuoteCloud fields and inserted correctly into our platform.

You can choose to test this again with another fetch, you can add another step to the ZAP, getting really tricky (more on this later), or just finish up satisfied that it's all working nicely !

Now you're ready to switch that ZAP on. It's going to fire automatically from now on checking for new data (the trigger) and when any is found mapping that data into QuoteCloud and injecting it into our platform (the action).

You don't have to switch the ZAP on so it automatically fires periodically. You can just save it and run it manually if you wish. Inside your Zapier dashboard you will also be able to see the history of all your ZAP executions.

Phew ! Ok, let's recap. On the left hand side you can see the entire workflow you've configured... it's awesome right ! Creating a "New Contact" record in Salesforce triggers the ZAP, maps the data field by field into the equivalent QuoteCloud record and then executes an action, to create the equivalent QuoteCloud Contact.

You may have noticed there is a + sign underneath the second step and also between the two existing steps. This is where we can get super tricky creating "multi-step ZAPS !". For example you might want to transform some of the data from Salesforce before it gets to QuoteCloud. In this instance you would create a new step inbetween the existing trigger and action which adjusts the data as you require.

Zapier has a whole heaps of in-built tools for formating and adjusting content, you can find more details here  ... you can also use Zapiers in-built actions/triggers to do all sorts of other actions like; Email, Filter, SMS, Format, Translate...

If you need help, we love setting up QuoteCloud and Zapier - don't be afraid to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

But most of all have fun !