In addition to creating your own content, as mentioned in the previous section, you can also create and manage a whole library of content which you can then share with your whole team. This creates huge efficiencies in creating proposals (or any structured document for that matter), it also ensures greater consistency in your communication and message, across the whole team.

Rather than searching for that diagram or snippet of text you know you used in a proposal months ago, QuoteCloud allows you to manage a library of text, images, templates, documents and videos that everyone can use.

The right hand column of the screen contains the content library and it is split into several sections for each content library.

To help you find library content easily, inside each of these libraries, the content is organized into a series of folders which you can click and expand to navigate through. In addition there is a search bar above the content libraries. Here you can search for any text associated with the content you're looking for, So you can search for; the name of the content snippet, name of an image/video or text actually within a text snippet itself. 

Once you have found the content you want to use, you can simple drag that content item directly into your proposal body. Content can be dropped onto any "Drop Zone", a "Drop Zone" are highlighted areas between every content block, you can see them below above and below the Free text block and ringed in red. In the below example you can see a long green arrow showing the "Like what you see?" text snippet being dragged from the content library onto the "Drop Zone" under the existing Free text block, you can see there is another "Drop Zone" above the text block where you could also drop any content item.


Once you're happy with your proposal, click the "Save and Preview" button in the top right corner, from here you can send a proposal to your client.