With QuoteCloud, you can insert ad-hoc images into the proposal anywhere you choose. The steps to insert an ad-hoc image are as follows:

Step1: Click on the "Add image" button in your proposal editor:

Step 2: Choose an image from your computer to upload. Once selected you are able to crop the image as below and then click "Crop & Upload".

Step 3: Next, use the image alignment tools to manage the position of image within your proposal document.

There are various alignment settings: center, left, right, wrap text etc. You can choose the one that best suits you.

Step 4: Congratulation you have now inserted an image into your proposal. Click on " Save" to save your changes.

There are several other ways to insert an image though. At the bottom of the above screen shot you will see a "+ Insert" button - inside this dropdown you will notice a "Add Image" button. This is very similar to the above but creates an image block. Another option is to drag an image from the library in the right hand column.