When you create a proposal and open it in the editor you will be taken initially to the pricing section. The pricing section is a little special and helps you display all your pricing details in a nice tabular format. You can have one pricing table or several, depending on your needs.

You can add price line items in two ways; either by adding custom pricing or by dragging existing products from your product library on the right.  You can also reorder the pricing line items by draging them to new positions.

As new products are added into the pricing table, the totals are automatically re-calculated, any appropriate tax will be added and any discounts or markups, dynamically applied.

Once added you can make manual adjustments as needed; adjust the price, increase/decrease the quantity, switch the displaying of columns/rows on/off.

A couple of special configuration settings are:

  • One-off : this columns allows you to change a product from a fixed price item to an on-going term based price. A fixed price or "one-off" price is when you purchase something outright, say for example  you're buying an office chair - this could be purchase outright at a one-off price of $100 for example. However that say office chair could be leased or rented on a monthly basis over a 12 month period. For this scenario you would untick the "One-off" box and then enter 12 in the term column.
  • Term: The term column can not only set monthly contract based pricing but also other periods. You can select from the drop-down and see a variety of other periods such as daily, weekly quarterly etc.

Add Sub-headings to Pricing Items

To split the pricing table up into logical groups use the "Add Sub-heading" button at the top of the screen, this will allow you to organize your price line items under different headings.