Listed below are the main areas you will be interested in and some of the main configuring from the Dashboard screen. Once you understand these basics you'll be good to go !

The below screen shot indicates where you will find the main menu options and some of the key components of the dashboard screen, these are:

  • Quick Guide or Guide Me - here you will find quick onscreen helpers walking you through the common tasks you would want to perform on the dashboard
  • Content Libraries -  here are where you will find all the template, content and product libraries
  • Configuration - this menu has all the options to set up how the system works at a global level
  • Account - lastly is your personal account settings
  • Create Proposal - this big button allows you to start building your proposals
  • List of proposals - the main body area of the dashboard contains a  list of all your proposals (and any colleagues too if you have access to them)

Let's look at these menus in a little more detail.

Guide Me: Through guide me you can find quick on-screen guides and steps for creating proposals,  saving templates, setting discounts and thresholds, how to filter proposals, exporting proposals, etc.

Content Libraries: Here you can add, edit and delete the content and product libraries including managing cover pages and templates:

Configuration: This is the main area where you can change the settings and customize the behavior of QuoteCloud. You can change global styles for your company, create and manage users/teams/roles (covered later in this guide) plus many other things all covered in more detail later on. Feel free to browse through the various screens and familiarise yourself with the options available.

Account: Through this menu you can update your account details, upgrade your plan and send an enquiry to our support team.