If your company consists of different divisions that sell seperate product ranges, you may want to set up these Sales Consultants in their own Teams within QuoteCloud.  This subject would also appliy if you have resellers operating under their own branding.  

The Sales Team function provides a number of benefits, one of which is being able to assign specific parts of your product, proposal template, text, video, image, and PDF libraries to a Sales Team.  This feature allows you to create content specific to just that Sales Team.  A reason for doing this maybe that a particular Sales Team only sells a specific range of product, so the product catalogue, legal text, sales templates, etc all need to relate to only these product.  Another reason may be that resellers want their branding on your cover pages.

How to Assign Categories of Content to a Sales Team

On the User Dashboard click on the Configuration menu, next click on the Manages Users and Roles option.  

Click on the Teams tab.

Click on the Edit button next to the Sales Team you would like assign special text content to.

Set the Restriction mode to active, as shown below.

You will see the available folders of text content in your Text Content library listed in the right-hand-side column. To assign a folder of content to this Sales Team click on the plus sign as indicated below.  The folder will then move to the left hand column as assigned.

Click on the Save button to complete to process

To manage your text library go to the main dashboard screen, click the Content Libraries menu button and select "Text".

You will see a similar screen to the one below which allows you to view all the text snippets in the library, edit them, delete them.

You can also add a new item by clicking the bottom left "Add Text" button. Now you will see a screen like the below.

You will first be asked to choose an existing folder for the text snippet to live in (or you can add a new folder), give the text snippet a meaningful name and then you can author the text itself.

Lastly there is a Lock Content checkbox. This allows you as an administrator to lock the content meaning that all other user levels will be able to use this content in their proposals but will not be able to modify the text - handy for legal terms or similar that you'd prefer were left unchanged.