Press the Edit button of Sales Team and go to Videos tab to specify the videos library permission to the sales team.

Set the Restriction mode to active and customize the videos library content suitable to sales team.

To manage your video library go to the main dashboard screen, click the Content Libraries menu button and select "Videos".

Here you will see a list of your video content, you can search and filter to find a specific video and then Edit or Delete the details as required.

You can also Add a new video simply by clicking the "Add Item" button at the bottom of the screen and the you will see the below form. These fields are defined as follows:

  • Folder = defines which folder your video will live in, use a simple logical structure that your organization will understand and will aid them in finding videos quickly, you may want to base your folder structure on service types or product families or maybe business activity types or even vertical markets - whatever your approach you can creates folders as required
  • Asset name = this is purely an internal name for the video, ideally you would use something meaningful and descriptive so your users can identify it and when it should be used
  • Caption = this is a sentence of text which can display next to the video when it displays inside the proposal
  • Video Link = this is the full URL to the (usually) YouTube video that you would like to embed within the proposal. Please remember to include the preamble of the URL i.e. it should start with https://.