Under the "Configuration" main menu on the dashboard, you will find the "Manage Users & Roles" option. From this menu you can manage your users, teams and their associated roles. 

To sort the list, click on a column heading or search for a specific user(s) using the search box.

The "Users" tab shows a list of all user details along with their team name and the roles associated to that team. You can add new users simply by pressing the "Add User" button or Edit existing users. The down arrow next to the edit button is where you will find the delete function.

Adding a new user requires you to fill in a form with their personal details; email, name, phone and password. The Email address is used as the username for logging in to QuoteCloud.

A secure password needs to given, this means at least 8 characters long, containing uppercase, lowercase and numeric characters.

Under the next tab "Enrollment" you can specify which team(s) and role(s) the user will be assigned to. Lastly you can specify who this person manages, potentially to mirror your corporate structure. For an example: John Robinson can belong to the "Sales Team", play a role of "Sales Consultant" and manage Jane Doe and Joe Bloggs. Anyone that John Robinson manages will mean he can optionally see their proposals on his Dashboard.

To set up Jane and Joe who report to John, simply add each Sales Consultant from the "Manages" drop down list and assign them to John.

The final tab is "Notifications", here you can switch notifications on/off for this user.