Introduction to Price Table Settings

The presentation of your product / services pricing is the most important part of your sales quote.  There are many different ways that the look of the price table can be adjusted.  The main tool for varying the look and feel of your pricing section is performed by the Price Tables Settings function.

To access the Price Tables Settings feature, click on the Configuration menu on the Sales Quote Dashboard, then select the option Price Table Settings, as shown below.

The Price Table Settings tool has two components, the left panel shows a mockup of the price table with some areas that you can click in to inorder to make changes, such as data labels, price table footer and the Section name; the right panel contains style settings that can be updated by clicking on one of the headings.

The components that can be updated are:

  1. Setting your Column Labels 
  2. Column Icons (add, change or remove icons)
  3. Labels for the Totals Section
  4. Adding Custom Data Items as columns or rows in a line item
  5. Reordering the columns in your sales quote price tables
  6. Setting the Alignment of data in a column
  7. Setting the style of border lines in the sales quote price tables
  8. Setting the font style of Notes when added to sales quote price line items
  9. Formatting of column icons
  10. Setting the style of Sub-Headings in your sales quote price table
  11. Setting the style of the Totals section
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