Hide/Show Price Discounts on a Sales Quote

By default when a discount is applied to a price line item (or entire price table) QuoteCloud will show the % discount saving and the original price (prediscount).

This user guide explains how a Sales Consultant can choose whether to hide a price discount on a price item in a sales quote price table.

To begin, first start by editing or creating a sales quote and then insert a Price Table.

In the sales quote editor click on the orange + Insert button and then select Add Pricing Table, as shown below.

Add a few price lines, as shown below (either using the Add Price Row button or from the Product Catalogue Content Library).

Click on the Settings button for the price table, as shown below.

Click on the Settings tab, as shown below.

Click on the toggle switch for Price Discounts Visible on Sales Quotes to the Hide state, as shown below.

Click Save. Discounts will be calculated but will not show a %saving on the sales quote only the final discounted price.

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