Remove the ORDER NOW button in Sales Quotes

QuoteCloud has the functionality for your customer to approve your sales quote if they are happy to proceed.  This ORDER NOW button will set your sales quote status to "Approved" and notify you by email that this event has occured. However in some cases you may not want this feature to be available to customers, for example if you are only sending your customer an estimate of your costs.

The ORDER NOW button can be configured to not appear by making a setting on the sales quote template that you use to create a sales quote.

On the Sales Quote Dashboard, click the Content Libraries main menu option and select Templates, (as shown below).

Next click the Edit button next to the corresponding sales quote template you would like to remove the ORDER NOW button from.

If you do not have any sales quote templates yet learn how to create a sales quote template in the topic Creating Sales Quote Templates

Next press the About tab in the Section menu (top tab on the left side of the Sales Quote Editor, as shown below)

Click on the Approval Settings tab on the right side of the page (as shown below). This will display the possible settings for the customer approval process of this sales quote template.

To switch off the ORDER NOW button, you simply need to untick the check box under to the label SHOW "ORDER NOW" BUTTON

After you untick this check box, click on the Save button.

All future sales quotes using this sales quote template will no longer show the ORDER NOW button.  Please note, this configuration change will not affect any existing sales quotes sent to customers.

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