Setting the Default Email Message when Sending Sales Quotes


When a Sales Consultant sends a sales quote to a customer, QuoteCloud handles the process of generating the email.  When you first sign-up to use QuoteCloud there is a default email message that is set-up in your account.  If you want to change this default email body message or the email subject line, follow these instructions.

While on the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration menu, and select the option Settings.

Now click on the E-mail tab (as shown below).


There are two email messages that are used by QuoteCloud, the first email message and email subject is used when you first create a sales quote and send the sales quote to your customer for the first time.  The second email message and email subject is used when you revise a sales quote and/or resend the sales quote to your customer.


Choose which default email settings you would like to change and click into the email subject and email message template to type the message and subject line you would like to use.

IMPORTANT:  there is a special link to open the sales quote (by default the link is on the line "... simply clicking here", if this link on the work here is removed then the customer will only have access to the PDF version (if the sales consultant remembers to attach is to the email). The hyperlinks should be set to "%24{proposalLink}".

It is highly recommended that you do not remove this Open Sales Quote link as it will disable many features only available on the web-view (HTML) version of the sales quote.  If you have made a mistake in your email message, then click on the Load Default button to reset the message back to the default setting.

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