Styling a Form

When creating a form in your sales quotes, there are options in the form setup that will allow the sales consutlant to adjust the appearance of the input fieldsQuoteCloud gives the option to style a form. 

To begin, first start by building a form in a sales quote.

In the sales quote editor click on the orange + Insert button and then select ‘Add Form’, as shown below.

A new Form Content Block will appear in your sales quote.  Hover over the Form Content Block and \you will notice a green tab (tool bar) appear, as shown below.

Click on the Settings Icon (cogs), as shown below.

This will open the 'Form Settings'.

An options panel will appear displaying a number of configuration settings, as show below.

Label Type - adjust to way that the input field label displays:
a) floating - the input field label floats from inside the input field to above the input field when the sales quote recipient clicks into the input field, as shown below:

b) static (default setting) - the input field label remains static above the input field.

Input Type - this setting allows for two style settings for the input field:

a) underline: the input field is style with an underline 

b) boxed: the input field is styled with a border around the input field

Border Style - set the line style of the border, values are dotted, dashed, solid (default)

Border Width (in px) - set the width (in pixels) of the input field border

Border Radius (in px) - set a rounded corner radius for the input field border (in pixels)

Field Padding (in px) - set the amount of space between the border and the vallue inside the input field

Edit the form style settings and then click 'Save' in the bottom-left hand corner of the 'Form Settings'.

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