How to Style the Sales Quote Price Table Total Section

Each price table you create in a sales quote will have a Total Section (unless you switch them off).

The styling of the totals section is controlled by the Price Table Settings controller.  To adjust the style of your sales quote price table totals section, follow the steps below:


To access the Price Tables Settings feature, click on the Configuration menu from the Sales Quote Dashboard, then select the option Price Table Settings, as shown below.

The Price Table Settings tool has two components, the left panel shows a mockup of the price table with some areas that you can click into in order to make changes, such as data labels, price table footer and the sale quote pricing section name; the right panel contains style settings that can be updated by clicking on one of the section-headings.

To adjust the settings for the Totals Section, click on the heading TOTAL SECTION

Next you will see the settings appear (as shown below). 


Label Styles - these settings will adjust the labels displayed in the totals section

The Style setting assigns the font style to the sub-heading, the values can be Normal, or Italics.

The Size setting allows you to select size of the sub-heading text displayed.  The Sub-Heading Font Size is measured in pixels.  Type a value in the input field, a typical size is somewhere about 14, however this size setting is very much about your personal perference.

The Weight setting assigns the font weight, the values can be Bold, Normal or Light.


Value Styles - these settings will adjust the values (totals) displayed in the totals section, the settings are the same types as explained for the Label Styles above.


After you have made your changes, click on the Save button (top right of the page)

After you click the Save button, you will see the confirmation message as shown below.  Please note that your saved price table setting changes do not take affect on existing sales quotes until the sales quote is edited (or revised if sent already) and is saved again.

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