QuoteCloud Travel Itineraries Plugin

The Travel Itineraries Plugin for Sabre SAM provides a link to Sabre SAM to automatically create travel intinerary quotes.  When setup this plugin will extend the Sabre SAM functionality to create beautifully enhanced travel itineraries to send to customers.

Sabre users will create travel bookings as normal, and when completed in Sabre and set in the "Handover" state, QuoteCloud will automatically import the booking and create a sales quote using one of the QuoteCloud templates.  The format of the travel itinerary is much superiour to the travel itinerary generated from Sabre SAM.  Also, with all the feature of QuoteCloud to add in video and images, you can really boost your customer experience when they receive their booking information.

This plugin can also benefit from the Arrival Guides QuoteCloud plugin, when activated the Arrival Guides plugin will automatically populate the travel itinerary with the information about each destination city in the travel booking.

How to install the QuoteCloud Travel Itineraries Plugin

Click on the Extensions button on the top menu bar.

Click on the Sabre SAM Itinerary Sync Plugin in the list of plugins.

Next, click on the Free Trial button. Please note, to activate a plugin you will need to setup your payment credit card in payment setting.  You will be prompted to go to QuoteCloud subscription payment settings if you have not already set these up.  You cannot access any plugins without first subcribing to a QuoteCloud subscription plan.

After you click on Free Trial and confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions to use the plugin, you will see the page as shown below and you are ready to start using the Sabre SAM plugin.

Authenticating Sabre SAM with QuoteCloud

Before you can start receiving travel booking itineraries from Sabre SAM, you will first need to provide the authentication credentials for QuoteCloud to access your Sabre SAM system.

Follow these steps to set-up authentication.

Click on the Settings button in the Sabre SAM Itinerary Sync plugin page.

You will now see the Sabre Itinerary Settings window.  Now Click on the Teams tab.

For each sales team you create in QuoteCloud you need to authenticate them to the correct Sabre SAM account.  QuoteCloud is designed to handle multiple sales teams, each sales team can be configured to use different Sabre SAM accounts (useful for large travel companies that have multple companies using Sabre.

Now click on the Edit button next to the first sales team you want to authenticate.

You will now see the set-up configuration window.  

Proposal Template: select the QuoteCloud template to use when generating itineraries.  If you have already made a sales quote template then make your selection from the drop down list.  If you have not made any templates yet, click here to learn how.

Itinerary Style: select frome the available itinerary styles, these are predefined.  If you would like to have your own itinerary design made, you can contact our support team for costs and implementation at

Auto Send switch: if you want QuoteCloud to automatically send the sales quote (itinerary) created from Sabre SAM without first editing or previewing.  Then set this switch to the on state.

Auto Delete: if you would like QuoteCloud to automatically delete the travel itinerary in QuoteCloud after travel is complete, then set this switch to the on state.  If you select this to the "on" state, you will be prompted with the number of months to keep the itinerary before deleting.

Agency Code:  Enter your Sabre SAM Agency Code here, if you are unsure of this value please contact Sabre directly, the QuoteCloud support team cannot provide this information to you.

Password: Enter your Sabre SAM Password here, if you are unsure of this value please contact Sabre directly, the QuoteCloud support team cannot provide this information to you.


Now click Save


The final step is to assign each sales consultant in QuoteCloud with their Sabre SAM Consultant ID.  This tells QuoteCloud whose Sales Quote Dashboard in QuoteCloud to create the Itinerary document in when syncing itineraries from Sabre SAM.

If you do not assign a Sabre SAM Consultant ID to QuoteCloud user, the itineraries will not arrive into QuoteCloud, as it does not know where to send the itinerary.

Click on the Users tab as shown below.  Then click the Edit button next to the user you want to edit. To create new users please click here for more information

You will now see the window as shown below.  Enter the correct Sabre SAM Consultant ID for this QuoteCloud User.

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