QuoteCloud Arrival Guides Plugin

If you are already using the Sabre SAM Itinerary Sync plugin to create enhanced itineraries with QuoteCloud, you can also benefit from the Arrival Guides QuoteCloud plugin. When activated the Arrival Guides plugin will automatically populate the travel itinerary with the information about each destination city in the travel booking.

How to install the QuoteCloud Arrival Guides Plugin

Click on the Extensions button on the top menu bar.

Click on the Arrival Guides Plugin in the list of available QuoteCloud software extensions.

Next, click on the Free Trial button.

After you click on the Free Trial button (and confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions to use the plugin), you will see the page as shown below. You are now ready to start using the Arrival Guides plugin.

Authenticating Arrival Guides with QuoteCloud

Before you can start receiving arrival guide information from Arrival Guides for your travel itineraries produced in QuoteCloud, you will first need to provide the authentication credentials for QuoteCloud to access your Arrival Guides account.  Before you start you will need to contact Arrival Guides for an API Key.  Please click here to contact Arrival Guides 

Follow these steps to set-up authentication.

Click on the Settings button in the Arrival Guides plugin page.

You will now see the Arrival Gudies Settings window.  Now Click on the Teams tab.

For each sales team you create in QuoteCloud you need to authenticate them to the correct Arrival Guides account. 

Now click on the Edit button next to the first sales team you want to authenticate.

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