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What are Custom Fields Used For?

When you create a new sales quote, QuoteCloud will ask you about who the recipient is and what the sales quote is about.

However, there may be additional information you would like a Sales Consultant to provide when creating a new sales quote; you can define your own Custom Field(s) to meet this need. 

There are two types of Custom Fields that can be created, these are:

Sales Quote Custom Fields - used by the Create Sales Quote process as extra information prompted in the Sales Quote Editor 

Product Custom Fields - can be created for the Product Catalogue; these Product Custom Fields appear when adding or editing products in the product catalogue. 

Custom fields are also used in the Sales Quote Dashboard to filter sales quote data; for example, if you created a custom field for "Industry Type", you could then filter your sales quotes for that industry type in the Sales Quote Dashboard.

To learn how to create custom fields, read our How do I create custom fields guide.

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