Add a Product to your Product Catalogue

The Product Catalogue feature in QuoteCloud helps your sales team quickly add standard products to a sales quote.  

By using a Product Catalogue, Sales Consultants can be confident that they will be using the latest information and the correct price data in their sales quotes.

To update your product catalogue (add new products or edit existing ones), on the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Content Libraries menu, and select the menu option Products.

You will now see a list of the current products in your product catalogue.  The view is split into two columns, folders (product categories) shown on the left, and the list of products on the right, as shown below.

You can choose to view products in a specfic product category (folder) by clicking on one of the product categories in the list on the left (as shown above we have selected the product category "apparel" so only the products in this folder are being displayed.)


To add a new product, click on the New Item button (bottom left of the screen).  You will now see a popup window for adding the product data for your new product (as shown below).

Type in the information for the new product, the data items are:

Folder (required): select the folder (product category) you want to add this product into.
Subfolder (optional): select the sub-folder (product sub-category) you want to add this product into, this is optional and only really required if your product catalogue is very big and you find that too many products are being placed into a product category and need to break this category into sub-categories.  This will help your sales consultant locate products to add to sales quotes, by making the list of products to choose a smaller set.
Product Name (required): This data item is used in the folder tree that appears in the Sales Quote Editor. When sales consultants open the product catalogue to choose a product, this is the product name that appears in the list of products to choose from.
Price (required): Enter the sell price of this product.
One-Off (required): if this product is a one-one price item, then leave this check box ticked.  If this new product is a repeating price, e.g. a monthly price, then untick this One-Off checkbox.
Cost (optional): If you want to use the profit margin calculator in the sales quote editor, you must enter the cost price for this this product.  The profit margin will use the cost price and the sell price to work out the difference and therefore the profit margin.
Sales Quote Line Item Description (required): enter the line item text you want to appear in the price table when this product is added to a sales quote price table.
Product Notes (optional): if you want special notes to appear below the sales quote line item description in a sales quote, then you can add this information in this data field.
Image (optional): If you want to attach a picture of the product click on the Image icon.  This product image will appear on the left side of the product line item when it is used in a sales quote price table.



After you have entered all the information for your new product (as shown in the example above) click on the Save Changes button.

Your new product will now appear in the product list.  

To close the product list window, click on the close (X) icon in the top right corner, or the Close button in the bottom right corner.

In the screen shot above, we can see the Sales Quote Editor. 

The product catalogue is open (this is done by clicking on the Products (icon on top of the right menu column).  We can see the new product we added in the list of products.  

To add the product to a price table simply double click on the product, or drag it from the list on the right and drop it onto a price table (on the left).

As shown above, we can see the new product we added shown in a sales quote.

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