Introducing the Sales Quote Editor

If you're not already in the edit sales quote screen, simply click on Edit button from the dashboard.

Sales Quote Editor User Interface Features:

  • Sections - the left hand column allows you manage your sales quote sections, you can drag and drop them for re-ordering, delete and add new sections.
  • Menu - the top menu bar allows you to save your sales quote, preview your  quote and close the editor and return to the dashboard.
  • Content Libraries - The right hand column contains your content libraries.  These are used to drag and drop "standard" type content into a sales quote. These can be text blocks, images, videos, spreadsheets, PDF's.

Sub-Headings and Custom Pricing

To split the pricing table up into logical groups use the Add Sub-heading button at the top of the price table.

You can also see the Add Price Row button, which allows you to add an empty price row to a price table.

Text Blocks

To add a text content block, click on the + Insert button, a dropdown menu will appear., select Add Free text.

A new text content block will be added, as shown below.


Content Library

In addition to creating content using the + Insert button, you can also use content from your Content Libraries.

Rather than searching for that diagram or snippet of text you know you used in a proposal months ago, QuoteCloud allows you to manage a library of text, images and videos that everyone can use.

The right hand column of the screen contains the content libraries and is split into types of content, ie Text, Images, PDF's, Spreadsheets and Videos.

To help you find library content easily, inside each of these three areas the content is organised into a series of folders. You can expand any folder and drag that content directly into your sales quote content area.

Finally to preview and send a sales quote, click the Save & Preview button in the top right. 

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