Allowing Any Team Member to Edit Any Sales Quote


By default if more than one Sales Consultant needs to edit a sales quote, the owner of the sales quote must first use the Hand-Over function to assign the right to edit that document to another user.

This is an important control function in QuoteCloud, otherwise if more than one person simultaneously edits a sales quote, you run the risk of losing work as one person can overwrite the edits of the other person.

However, the Hand-Over function can be by passed using the "Team Edit" feature in QuoteClouds settings configuration in your account.  This topic covers have to enable Team Editing.


Enabling Team Editing

Click on the Configuration menu on the Sasles Quote Dashboard, then select the option Settings.

Now click on the tab Dashboard to show the available settings for the Sales Quote Dashboard, (as show below).

Click on the switch (under the label Allow teams to edit all proposals), the switch should be in the on state (green), as shown below.  Finally click on the Save button to commit your changes.

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