Adding an 'Additional Fee' to Price Line Items

QuoteCloud has a special feature to add an "additional fee" to price line items; an example where this is useful could be where a product or service is sold, but there is a set-up or administration charge when purchasing that item.

To activate the "Additional Fee" feature for your sales quotes in QuoteCloud, follow these instructions.

Activate the "Additional Fee" Feature

To activate the Additional Fee function in your QuoteCloud Account, you need to adjust your account settings.  From the Sales Quote Dashboard, click on the Configuration menu, and choose the option Settings.

A window will appear for your account settings; click on the Pricing Table tab, as shown below.

Switch the Enable Additions toggle switch to the "on" state (the switch should be green), as shown below.

Now click on the Save button to commit your accounts settings to change.

Using the "Additional Fee" Feature

Create (or edit) a sales quote.

Navigate to the Pricing section of your sales quote.

You will see an extra column in your price table with the column heading label "Additions" (as shown below).

Enter a value into the Additions data item for a price row.  In our example, the price line is for "Website hosting", and we have added a $24.95 set-up fee in the Additions column. 

Now let's view the sales quote, click the Save and Preview button.

NOTE: If you want to change the column labels for "Additional Fee", you can rename column heading labels in Price Table Settings; click here to learn more.

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