Grouping Price Line Items and Summarising up to a Sub Heading

This user guide explains how a Sales Consultant can add price line items to a sales quote price table and then summarise these price lines up to a subheading, hiding the price line items and showing the total of the grouped price line items at the sub-heading level.

Edit or Create a sales quote, add a price table as shown below.

Add a few price lines, as shown below (either using the Add Price Row button or from the Product Catalogue Content Library).

Click in one of the input fields in the first line item, for example the line item description Input field.

Now click on the Add Sub-Heading button, as shown below. This will add a sub-heading above that price line item row.

You will now see a sub-heading, above the line item that was active, as shown below.

On the right of the subheading there is a toggle switch, click on the toggle switch so that it is set to the right position (Summarise), as shown below.

Click on the Save and Preview button to preview the sales quote, you will now see the price line items do not show on the sales quote as the recipient would see it, and the total of the price line items is summarised up to the sub-heading.

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