What is a Product Catalogue?

The product catalogue feature in QuoteCloud helps your sales team quickly add standard products you sell to a sales quote.  By using a product catalogue Sales Consultants can be confident that they will be using the latest information and the correct price data on their quote (often a big problem for sales teams when working in a fast moving product sector like technology, or seasonal products).


Your product catalogue can also have built in rules, such as discounts applied when a customer orders more than a certain quantity.


You can assign products to product catagories so that when searching for products, they are grouped in folders when viewed in the Sales Quote Editor.  There is also a clever keyword search engine that will allow Sales Consultants to search by name, or SKU, useful for very large product catalogues.


Products can be either an item (a one-off) or a service that is charged on or term basis (e.g. monthly or yearly)

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