Editing a Contact in an Audience

An Audience is a set of contacts that will receive an email from a campaign.  An Audeince can be segmented using tags to identify certain characteristics of a contact, such as gender, age group, industry, etc.  The details of these contacts typically consist of a; First Name, Last Name and Email Address.

To edit the details of a contact click on the Campaigns option in the left menu bar on the QuoteCloud dashboard.

Next, click on the Audience option in the top menu bar.

Click on the down arrow of the Action Menu for the Audience that you would like to add a new contact. The Action Menu is on the right of the audience row, as shown in the image below.

Select the option Manage contacts.

Now select the contact you would like to edit.

Click on the Edit option in the corner of the contact's profile.

You can edit the contact's Email AddressFirst Name and Last Name.

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